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Environmental Board of Appeal

The Environmental Board of Appeal is the central board of appeal for all matters relating to nature, planning and the environment. We review the practical application of the law. Our remit, taking the legal rights of citizens and enterprises into consideration, is to make the correct decisions efficiently and effectively. The purpose of the work is to assist citizens and enterprises in clarifying as quickly as possible their situation with regard to use of land, pollution of soil, industrial cases and permits for livestock farms.


The Environmental Board of Appeal is an independent administrative appeal board for rulings relating to planning, nature and the environment. It is a ‘combined board’ consisting either of a chairman and vice-chairman and a number of appointed specialist members (expert board); or a tribunal including seven members appointed by the Danish Parliament and two members appointed by the Supreme Court from among its members (lay board). Principle matters are decided by The Environmental Board of Appeal.

The services and administration of the Board of Appeal are run by a Secretariat headed by the chairman of the Board of Appeal and the vice-chairman, assisted by three department heads and a development and secretariat head. The chairman, Vice-chairman and department heads make decisions on matters when these are not matters of principle.

The Secretariat is composed of a screening unit, three offices charged with processing cases and a development and secretariat office. The three executive offices are divided into: Planning, Environment and Nature.

In addition to the processing of appeals, the Environmental Board of Appeal provides information on its rulings so that citizens, authorities and other interested parties can benefit from the corpus of settlement decisions.